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Ohh Social is an innovative and simple to use Smart Phone App that offers hundreds of buy-one-get-one-free offers across Northern Ireland. Their aim is to bring the very best local businesses together to offer their customers the chance to do more, see more and get out more.


The Ohh Social Buy-One-Get-One-Free incentives cover five key sectors from leading businesses throughout Northern Ireland, these are: Wine & Dine, Kids Activities, Leisure & Attractions, Health & Beauty and Staycations.


A concept unique to the Northern Ireland market, Ohh Social approached 10 Forward looking for a digital partner who could help propel their brand online to spread awareness and generate Mobile App downloads.

10 Forward originally met with Ohh Social in Dubai where we worked together to create some high-value video content, to form the basis of their content strategy for Digital Marketing.


High value, quality content forms the centre of any Digital Marketing Campaign that we conduct. This is because great content drives engagement on Digital Marketing platforms, which in turn, increases the client’s reach and heavily reduces the cost-per-click of marketing campaigns on platforms such as Facebook and Instagram.

Client Content created for Ohh Social App

We then built several HTML5, Mobile Optimised Landing Page versions to A/B test against one another as we ran the Digital Marketing Campaigns, to identify the most successful design for generating conversions.


10 forward still manage Ohh Social’s Digital Marketing Campaigns remotely from our main office in Dubai. We are constantly monitoring and refining these Ads, as we learn more about the behavior of Ohh Social’s target audience in Northern Ireland. Our goal is always aimed to keep Cost-Per-Click as low as possible for the Client.


10 Forward also look after and manage Ohh Social’s website, working on Search Engine Optimisation to maximise the proportion of ‘Organic Traffic’ coming to the Ohh Social Website.


Services offered include:


Digital Strategy

Website Management

High Value Content Creation

Social Media Strategy and Management

Digital Marketing Campaigns focused mainly on Facebook and Instagram

SEO Optimiztation

Landing Page Design and Management

Email Marketing Management

Analytics and Reporting

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