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Social Media has grown to become an integral part of how businesses of any size present themselves to their customers, building a community around your brand can provide you with an important edge in a crowded or competitive market. We have worked for over 5 years as a social media agency in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, and in both Dubai and Abu Dhabi, we have found that social media has intrinsically challenged the traditional relationship between businesses and consumers, and smart businesses are leveraging every opportunity in the digital marketing landscape, particularly social media, to meet business objectives.

A Social Media Agency with In-House Content Creation

We are not limited to being a social media management agency, our experience and competence extends to web design & development, advanced SEO based on algorithm driven AI, analytics & data management, user experience, digital marketing and public relations. This breadth of expertise means we are able to identify opportunities in the digital landscape and have the in-house knowledge to leverage them with no additional cost to our clients. We also have an awesome in-house content creation team that delivers incredible content for our clients each and every month, take a look at our content showcase to see some examples.

How a Social Media Marketing Agency Can Help?

Some of the goals that businesses look to achieve with social media marketing include:

  • Brand Awareness
    • Creating awareness of your brand and building a following across social media platforms in order to create an audience of engaged followers.
  • Traffic Generation
    • Generating traffic to your website, whether this is to generate engagement, conversions such as online sales or lead generation or to build a remarketing campaign audience.
  • Lead Generation
    • Using social media marketing to create engaging experiences that generate leads directly and integrate the lead management process into an automated customer journey.
Digital Marketing Content Agency in Dubai Digital Marketing Agency in Dubai
Digital Marketing Content Agency in Dubai Digital Marketing Agency in Dubai
Digital Marketing Content Agency in Dubai Digital Marketing Agency in Dubai

Our process in working together with you starts by looking at your company and social media presence, conducting a wider audit of your industry and competitors, as well as any opportunities in your social landscape.

From here we create a strategy that incorporates the digital channels you are using, carefully creating content calendars that are delivered at the most optimal times of the day, identified using our specialist social listening platforms and analytics.

Customized regular reports using our proprietary analytics platform are delivered to you to help you understand the growth and opportunities of your social landscape.

Working with 10 Forward for you social media management will allow you to gain from our other areas of expertise including:

Digital Marketing Content Agency in Dubai Digital Marketing Agency in Dubai
Digital Marketing Content Agency in Dubai Digital Marketing Agency in Dubai

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    Discover why 10 Forward is a Social Media Agency that you should be working with..


    Social Media has become a crucial channel to reach customers, position brands and leverage digital opportunities to really level the playing field with competitors. As a social media agency, 10 Forward has a long history of building a successful social media presence for multiple clients across a diverse spectrum of industries.

    10 Forward is an agency that specializes in creating high value content, we do this in-house for all of our clients, because we believe that good content is the driver of all success in the digital world. Some of the features of our social media management packages include:


    Content Strategy is tailored to your business, ensuring a suitable focus on achieving your managerial objectives.


    We have strong links to the top influencers and influencer platforms in the UAE which we use to drive awareness & achieve objectives at low cost.

    As part of our social media marketing service dedicated account manager manages a client’s content calendar, incorporating crucial elements including stakeholder input, branding guidelines, communication guidelines, working alongside our in-house team of photographers, videographers and video production teams to arrange photo/video shoots with clients. Account managers also manage social media accounts in a dynamic manner, with rapid responses dictated by our turnaround time schedule which is agreed in advance with clients.

    Digital Marketing Content Agency in Dubai Digital Marketing Agency in Dubai


    Want to see some of the content we produce? Check out our Instagram @10FWD

    Our experience as a social media agency has ranged from working on major brands for multinational companies to small start ups and homegrown independent businesses. As a social media agency we pride ourselves in helping to level the playing field in the business landscape by applying our knowledge skills and significant technical abilities to assist in achieving our clients objectives.

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