A Fitness Marketing Agency in UAE

with 5+ years of experience

Digital Marketing Content Agency in Dubai Digital Marketing Agency in Dubai

We have helped launch several commercially successful stand-alone gyms.

Digital Marketing Content Agency in Dubai Digital Marketing Agency in Dubai

We have worked with fitness businesses of all sizes, including global brands at national and regional levels.

Digital Marketing Content Agency in Dubai Digital Marketing Agency in Dubai

We have developed a strong network of fitness-based industry & brand influencers.

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Digital Marketing Content Agency in Dubai Digital Marketing Agency in Dubai

Starting or operating a fitness related business can be tough. There are few markets that are more competitive than the UAE. This trend has been strongly felt, particularly in the last 5 years.

Digital Marketing is one of the key channels that can provide opportunities on an even playing field. Online marketing strategies are the key to success for the future of fitness-related businesses.

This applies equally to personal trainers, yoga studios, GX-based gyms, CrossFit boxes and more mainstream gyms. Any strategy used by a fitness marketing agency for a fitness-related business should feature these elements:


A comprehensive web strategy involves turning your website into a conversion-generating machine. Organic traffic is cultivated with solid technical and off-site SEO. Once leads are generated via the website, they enter automated customer email journeys integrated with website contact form, enhancing lead to sale conversion rates.


Marketing your business with omnichannel campaigns. Using the best platform to deliver demographically tailored messaging based on experience and A/B testing. Create campaigns that deliver reliable volumes of high value leads at the lowest cost per acquisition (CPA) every single month.


Whether it is awesome videos created by a content creation team or search engine optimized blog content and keyword strategy to help rank for valuable keywords, Content is the engine that drives success online.


Digital Marketing Content Agency in Dubai Digital Marketing Agency in Dubai


We have automated the process of getting our company profile and case studies, if you provide us with your email and details, we will send these out to you.


    Fitness Marketing Agency Experience

    Over 5 years of experience launching and managing digital marketing and web presences for dozens of gyms and fitness related businesses of all sizes.

    Omni-Channel Marketing

    We manage campaigns across multiple platforms, integrating our advanced software platforms with Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Google. We ensure pixels are all working properly with enhanced e-commerce and advanced matching for pixel data.

    In-House Content Creation

    With an in-house content creation team, our content creation capabilities are extremely advanced, whilst being extremely affordable, allowing us to offer our clients discounted rates for content creation. A basic content package involves one shoot per month, for 3,500AED we promise to deliver 1 video and 30 images. Our average for the year 2019 to date is 4 social media videos and 100+ high quality images!

    Tried and Tested Strategies

    Strategies and tools we have developed have successfully achieved our clients’ business objectives. From email customer journey automation to conversion rate optimization, our methods have been proven time and again.

    Focused on Organic Growth

    Underlying our approach to digital marketing is the belief that any long term digital strategy for fitness-related businesses should always seek to achieve tangible growth month-on-month in organic traffic and the conversions derived from organic traffic. This is achieved in a variety of ways that include search engine optimization, email marketing, backlink outreach and blogger outreach.

    A Talented Network of Affiliates

    We are affiliated with a network of talented individuals, companies and organisations in the fitness industry. This includes a close association with the team at @fitnessindxb and @yogaindubai. We work or have worked with a huge number of people in this industry and understand the market, the players, the fakers, the movers and shakers.

    The Highlights of our Fitness Marketing Agency journey?


    We highly recommend lead generation campaigns. They help to drive sales in any business. When it comes to gym marketing and health and fitness especially, targeting marketing campaigns to generate leads is crucial. We encourage our clients to use all the channels available to them in the territory they are operating in.

    Whether it is landing pages which we will design and optimize on your website or in-platform lead ads on channels like Facebook and LinkedIn. The advent of high diversity in social media channels enables increasingly accurate targeting of audiences by demographic and affinity interest. This makes lead generation campaigns a more even playing field. In the long run, the results will hinge on customer experience and quality of service offering.

    Our blog is a great resource for tips, like 15 creative lead generation ideas to try for your marketing campaign. We like to give tips from ideas that work like how a simple video you send via Whatsapp can enhance your lead-to-sale conversion rate by 30%.

    Since we create content and manage digital marketing campaigns, we know the content styles that work & get the lowest Cost per Acquisition (CPA) in each demographic segment or affinity interest.

    Some of the insights we have gathered over the years have been proven time and again by our data, meaning when we create content, we already have pretty solid knowledge of what styles will work with the target audience segments.

    We have successfully been one of the top fitness marketing companies, delivering successful figures for clients in challenging and competitive markets. From Facebook Ads to content marketing, our marketing services significantly enhance our clients’ abilities to compete at any level.


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