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In a world where content is king, blogs can serve a dual purpose, the first to enhance your website’s visibility in search engine rankings and the second is to create an engaging user experience on your website which helps to increase dwell time and therefore conversion rates. As a content focused agency, 10 Forward helps create awesome content for our clients, blog articles that are highly optimized for SEO, which can also seek to:

  • Exploit link building opportunities by cross-linking with our own network of websites and blogs.
  • Use video content that we develop in-house in order to create an engaging experience.
  • Be extremely relevant to the reader and website, with links to relevant websites with high domain authority.

SEO Optimized by Experts

Our in-house blog writing team is highly specialised in keyword research, search engine optimization strategy and is highly eloquent and proficient in both English and Arabic language. With our experience in digital marketing, we can also identify potential opportunities to utilize blog articles to achieve goals such as affiliate revenue generation, cross-promotion of other businesses and reciprocal link building opportunities.

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Published Authors & Writers

Our blog writing services are heavily related to search engine optimization, at the outset we conduct a keyword audit and strategy audit of your existing or new blog. This provides us with search trends in the locale that you wish to enhance your visibility for and an understanding of what the topics and keywords that we can use to help achieve the goals laid out.

Our team of blog writers are educated to the post-graduate level, most of their qualifications are in the humanities and from widely recognized Universities in the UK, with work published in Business Journals such as this piece by our founder, as well as in more specialist Local History Journals in the UK. Blog writing services for clients have included work undertaken in a wide variety of industries ranging from the Insurance field with the Insurance platform to more specialist work designed to enhance search engine rankings undertaken for small businesses and larger publishing houses.


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    More Details About Our Blog Writing Services in Dubai

    10 Forward is a digital agency that is highly capable of producing high value content, particularly when it comes to blog writing. We have conducted blog writing services for a wide variety of clients ranging from national and multinational companies to small stand-alone or start up businesses. Our blog writing services are conducted in a manner that is designed to enhance search engine visibility, enhance rankings as well as improving visitor dwell time. Our blog writers are western educated with post-graduate degree level qualification in research based subjects and the humanities.

    Blog Writing Services in Dubai Abu Dhabi

    Our blog writing services are often carried out for our clients as part of our other services, including search engine optimization and digital marketing. Our in-house content creation team is capable of producing high end videography and photography that makes copyright concerns a non-issue, indeed, incorporating video content into your blog articles is a great way to create a far more immersive and engaging experience.

    10 Forward is a digital marketing agency that functions as a content creation agency, especially dynamic & engaging content creation, can help companies, brands and individuals achieve multiple goals that include brand repositioning or enhancement, online conversion generation and building awareness.

    We have an in-house team that is kitted out with high quality equipment and always deliver projects according to client specifications. Whether the requirement is for video content that is 4K with full color grading, or a social media video that is 600×315 for Instagram, we can handle it and everything in between. our team has developed corporate films for companies like Standard Chartered, Kerry and other multinationals, as well as independent documentaries like Everything in the Song is True.

    Our pragmatic and transparent approach to content creation stems from our experience, we co-own and manage businesses, as well as having experience in senior management in several industries ranging from banking, finance, corporate affairs, entertainment, destination management, events and food & beverage. This experience means we understand the challenges that faces business and we pride ourselves on creating mutually beneficial partnerships with our clients that generate net positive ROI, particularly with our SME clients.

    We conduct our blog writing services for businesses of all sizes, whatever your requirements are in terms of content creation, we are also pleased to work in partnership with other agencies to white-label our content creation services as well as other services on a retained basis.