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Planning your content journey

Being a successful brand means interacting and communicating effectively online. Articulating a content strategy for the digital space starts with a plan that is designed for each step of the content lifecycle. An effective content strategy is necessary to define a style, concepts, formats and approaches that amplify your content in a manner that achieves your objectives most effectively.

Digital Marketing Content Agency in Dubai Digital Marketing Agency in Dubai
Digital Marketing Content Agency in Dubai Digital Marketing Agency in Dubai
Digital Marketing Content Agency in Dubai Digital Marketing Agency in Dubai

When we look at developing a content strategy for your business or brand, we start by using the 3 H model. This is a model that was developed by Google, initially for Youtube publishers, but later expanded and applied to brands in the wider digital landscape. that has been proven to work in content marketing, an approach that defines a strategy as having 3 distinct types of content, Hygiene, Hub and Hero content.

Digital Marketing Content Agency in Dubai Digital Marketing Agency in Dubai
Hygiene Content Strategy

In an effective content strategy, hygiene content is the regularly produced content that is particularly aimed at being found by keywords being used in searches by the target group. For example if your businesses is offering english language classes, it might be ‘How to’ posts that explain how to communication in situations, or other articles like ‘What is…”. Whatever stage your brand is at, the Hygiene or foundation can include defining or re-defining brand & communication guidelines, tone of voice & persona identification, as well as website copy and introductory PR for your brand. The underlying aim of these posts are to draw visitors, whether from search engines or social media channels, they enhance your brand by positioning it as a reliable source of information and garners goodwill.

Hub Content Strategy

Hub content is specifically aimed at the specific interests of your target group, allowing a brand to lead this target group and ensuring brand visibility. The content is always actively pushed to this segment, preferably at regular intervals that are predictable, helping to attract return visitors or followers, this could be a video series that deals with a specific topic that can be created on a weekly basis. The channels and types of content that are developed at the Hub level can include engaging website content, social media content, email marketing and automated email customer journeys.

Hero Content Strategy

The most high-value content, Hero content is a blog article, video, or post that attracts the highest number of visitors to your online presence, as such it is generally the type of content that attracts the most investment of time and resources in a content marketing strategy. An example of this can be from the UK can be the recent announcement by Gregg’s of a new Vegan Roll, the response to which made national headlines and garnered millions of pounds worth of free publicity.

Whatever stage you are at, we can help you to develop or refine a content strategy that helps you to achieve your business objectives.

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    More Details About Content Creation

    As a Digital Agency, one of 10 Forward’s specialities is content strategy, this is because we believe that high quality content, especially video content, is the key driver for all digital activities. The one thing that people need is information, but the nuances of the information, it’s scope, highlights and most importantly the delivery can all impact perception and attitude. Every piece of content should be part of a content strategy that a company or brand puts out is an opportunity to achieve business objectives, enhance brand positioning and engage with followers. At the same time content strategy should help achieve cost savings in digital marketing campaigns by increasing relevance scores and reducing cost-per-click (CPC).


    An in-house team of experienced videographers & directors capable of delivering projects up to 4k .


    Our creative ideas enhance our clients' brands and campaigns with tangible results.


    Our service costing and fees are fully transparent, we never charge extra for anything within our scope.

    Content Creation Agency

    10 Forward is a digital marketing agency that functions as a content creation agency, especially dynamic & engaging content creation, can help companies, brands and individuals achieve multiple goals that include brand repositioning or enhancement, online conversion generation and building awareness.

    We have an in-house team that is kitted out with high quality equipment and always deliver projects according to client specifications. Whether the requirement is for video content that is 4K with full color grading, or a social media video that is 600×315 for Instagram, we can handle it and everything in between. our team has developed corporate films for companies like Standard Chartered, Kerry and other multinationals, as well as independent documentaries like Everything in the Song is True.

    Our pragmatic and transparent approach to content creation stems from our experience, we co-own and manage businesses, as well as having experience in senior management in several industries ranging from banking, finance, corporate affairs, entertainment, destination management, events and food & beverage. This experience means we understand the challenges that faces business and we pride ourselves on creating mutually beneficial partnerships with our clients that generate net positive ROI, particularly with our SME clients.

    We work with businesses of all sizes, whatever your requirements are in terms of content creation, we are also pleased to work in partnership with other agencies to white-label our content creation services as well as other services on a retained basis.