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digital marketing


We help our clients structure campaigns using Digital Marketing platforms such as Google Adwords, Google Display Network, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter. Depending on the objectives set out by our clients we use our robust analytics as well as platforms that test every variable to discern the best image, headline and text that gets the best cost per click.

When we structure a Digital Marketing campaign, we start with developing a Landing Page, complete with conversion tracking and high value video content. Video content increases the conversion rate of landing pages by up to 80%.

We integrate the landing page with an email marketing platform, our recommended platform is Campaign Monitor, we set up automated workflows that means that when people sign up or make an enquiry they receive a personalised pre-programmed response.

We then start campaigns to generate traffic to the landing pages, and monitor every aspect of the landing page to find the design that generates the greatest number of leads (conversions) for the lowest cost (cost per conversion).

Results vary from industry to industry, we have a variety of clients from a wide spectrum of industries and have collected data on consumer habit, sentiment and other valuable data which informs our digital marketing strategies and decision making, you can see the results from our reports and case studies below:

Digital Marketing Content Agency in Dubai Digital Marketing Agency in Dubai
Digital Marketing Content Agency in Dubai Digital Marketing Agency in Dubai
Digital Marketing Content Agency in Dubai Digital Marketing Agency in Dubai

Here is an example of a landing page video which helps shape consumer perception, Landing Page videos should achieve 4 main objectives:

1- Inform

This is where you inform viewers about what your service/product/company is about, it is your chance to humanize your company.

2- Qualify Authority

Why are you able to talk about the subject? Why should the viewer trust you? What are your qualifications and experience either as a company or as staff or as a service provider.

3- Neutralise Objections

Thinking about the main objections people are likely to have, this is your chance to neutralise them, for example if people always object on cost, you might mention an installment plan in the video.

4- Call to Action

End with a compelling call to action to elicit the desired response/conversion, this can include a voucher, discount or some kind of free trial.

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