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Starting a new business is never easy, and getting started with digital marketing and social media can be crucial in shaping the perception of your brand to potential customers, partners and the wider market. Finding and allocating a budget for marketing at this stage is probably the most difficult part of this, and at 10 Forward our founders and team come from a background of start-ups, working in a variety of businesses ranging from F&B and Hospitality to Fitness and Sports.

Having been in the situation you find yourself in as a start-up, we understand the dilemmas that you will face, including nuances that are unique to the UAE’s market and digital ecosystem, and can help inform your decision making, not only from a digital marketing/content point of view but also as an impartial and experienced outsider looking into your business.

Digital Marketing Content Agency in Dubai Digital Marketing Agency in Dubai
Digital Marketing Content Agency in Dubai Digital Marketing Agency in Dubai

PPC advertising and digital marketing through channels like Google Adwords, Google Display, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn can be particularly useful for start ups, whether the business is business to business or business to consumer, business can create marketing plans by looking at things like the volume of searches for keywords related to products and services and the estimated cost per click on each platform.

A good example of this would be to consider a business whose keywords generate 1,000 searches a day on Google’s search engine, to get your ad to the top of the first page might cost 5.50AED per click, so driving 100 visitors to your website would cost 550AED, if you assume a conversion rate of 3% then this might garner the business 3 new clients each day. The framework of this structure is the same for all businesses, the factors that affect it’s performance are things like the price, consumers’ perception of the brand, landing page content & design, page load time, market trends and competitors.

Our experience, at every stage this business cycle, has shown us the importance of adopting an underlying strategy to cultivate and enhance organic traffic concurrent to traditional digital marketing campaigns. We  understand the value and opportunities available in the digital landscape, providing you with balanced and pragmatic advice based on experience and case studies that have proven commercial success.

If you are a startup, in any industry, and could do with some advice on whether PPC or digital marketing can be beneficial for your business, use the contact form below to get in touch. We understand that budget is not always available, so let us analyse your business, the market and the potential revenue that can be generated by digitally marketing your services and products

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    Digital Marketing | More Information

    We help our clients structure campaigns using digital marketing platforms such as Google Adwords, Google Display Network, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter. Depending on the objectives, brand and industry, we use our robust analytics as well as methodology that we have developed internally.

    When we structure a digital marketing campaign, we start with looking at your landing page experience, the landing page experience is a crucial factor in your digital marketing campaigns’ success or failure. What are the tools currently being used to understand visitor traffic and behaviour. Using A/B testing we identify the factors that could be impairing your conversion rate, and look at how landing page videos are being used on the page.

    Did you know that video content can help enhance conversion rates by up to 80%?

    When handling digital marketing, we integrate the landing page with an email marketing platform, our recommended platform is Campaign Monitor, so that when leads are generated by the landing page they receive a full tailored individual response immediately and enter into an automated customer journey.

    Results tend to vary from one industry or brand to the next, however with our methodology and platform, data analysis takes around 1-4 weeks to point to any modifications that are required to enhance conversion rates. Some of our previous campaigns for a gym and a horse riding stable are below:

    Digital Marketing Content Agency in Dubai Digital Marketing Agency in Dubai
    Digital Marketing Content Agency in Dubai Digital Marketing Agency in Dubai