For businesses of all sizes, a website is perhaps the most important and potentially lucrative shop window to the world. Have a well designed site is like having a well-styled shop window dressed by a professional visual merchandiser. Now imagine when a customer tries to walk into your shop and they find the doorknob gets stuck. Or that the shop window is dirty. Or that your competitors have BETTER shop windows that are netting them market share that should be yours. And to top it all of, you have to wait for a customer to TELL you this before you realize it is even happening.


Getting a digital audit is a great way to get an expert to give you an independent and objective report on your website’s performance. Our team of SEO experts have more than 20 years of experience in coding and SEO. We use cutting edge tools and every platform to build a report that provides you with an understanding of exactly how your website is performing. Before you buy, look through the sample reports to get an understanding of exactly what insights you can gain from this report. Please be sure to check the requirements as we will need access to certain things such as Google Search Console and/or Adwords MCC account.


Digital Marketing Content Agency in Dubai Digital Marketing Agency in Dubai
Digital Marketing Content Agency in Dubai Digital Marketing Agency in Dubai
Digital Marketing Content Agency in Dubai Digital Marketing Agency in Dubai
  • Website Audit

  • $395.00
    • Website Technical Analysis
    • Website Loading Time
    • Website’s Google PageSpeed Score & Improvement Guide
    • YSlow Score
    • Meta Information Analysis
    • Page Quality Analysis
    • Internal Linking Structure Analysis
    • Server Performance Test
    • Website Historical Performance
    • Trend of Organic Keywords your Site is ranking for
    • Keyword Rankings in all Territories
    • SEO Backlink Audit
    • Toxic Backlink Identification
    • Toxic Backlink Disavowal TXT file for upload to Google Search Console
    • AHREFs Technical Audit of the Website
    • AHREFs Website Health Score
    • Url Rating
    • Domain Rating
    • Backlinks & Referring Domains
    • Anchor Keywords for Backlinks to your Website
    • SEO Metrics vs Competitors
    • Comparative Analysis of Competing Websites and your Website
    • Referring Domains, Google PageSpeed Score, Url & Domain Ratings, Total Backlinks, SEO Score
    • Website’s Keyword Ranking vs Top 4 Competitors in primary territory
    • Keyword Distribution among Top 4 Competitors vs your Website
    • Technical SEO Issues with risk rating and step-by-step guide to resolve each issue

  • E-Commerce Site Audit

  • $495.00
    • Everything in Website Audit PLUS
    • In-depth 180 Day E-Commerce Analysis
    • Transaction/Conversion Hour/Day Heatmap
    • Demographic Analysis to identify high value segments
    • Avg Order Value Analysis & Optimisation Recommendations
    • Product Revenue Analysis & Optimisation Recommendations
    • Geographic Analysis & Optimisation Recommendations
    • Device Category Analysis & Optimisation Recommendations
    • Mobile Traffic Revenue Analysis & Optimisation Recommendations
    • Demographic/Device Breakdown & Optimisation Recommendations
    • E-Commerce Conversion Heatmapping by Device/OS/Demographics/Geography
    • Affinity Interest Analysis & Optimisation Recommendations

  • AdWords Account Audit

  • $195.00
    • 30 Day Account Performance Analysis
    • Ad Quality Score Audit
    • Account History Performance
    • Top 3 Performing Ads
    • Top 3 Performing Keywords
    • AdWords Grade for Account (%)
    • Wasted Spend Score (%)
    • Text Ad Optimization Score (%)
    • Quality Score Optimization Score (%)
    • Click Through Rate Optimization Score (%)
    • Account Activity Score (%)
    • Long Tail Keyword Optimization Score (%)
    • Step-by-Step Performance Improvement Recommendations