Instagram Scheduling Platform

Instagram Scheduling – Why its Possible & How you are Missing out

Have you heard of Instagram Scheduling?

Imagine you are handling more than 20 Instagram Accounts for a range of different clients… What do you do?

Digital Marketing Content Agency in Dubai Digital Marketing Agency in DubaiInstagram can be something of an issue when it comes to time management for someone who is handling several accounts, granted the decision to allow multiple accounts (up to 5 but sometimes 6) accounts to be saved on a single device has alleviated the issue, but what about those of us who are managing double or triple that?

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Scheduling content in line with other platforms such as Hootsuite would fit in well with the flow of the way most agencies work, but this has been impossible and we tend to rely on services that ‘remind’ you when it’s time to post…

What if you have no cell reception? Or you are camping in the middle of nowhere??

The answer is of course, there is no answer. But one of the solutions we have found super useful is

Instagram Scheduling

Imagine a platform/solution that lets you:

  • Schedule content direct from your computer
  • Upload photos and videos directly (within Instagram-imposed size limits)
  • Upload gallery posts, video posts and even stories
  • Manage & Schedule Direct Messages
  • Manage multiple accounts simultaneously
  • Give your Social Media Managers access to manage accounts & not direct access to account username/password
  • View analytics for the account
  • Repost directly from within the platform
  • Schedule up to the end of your contract (eg. if you pay for 3 months of access, schedule content for 3 months ahead)
  • Create a weekly planner with slots for posts and just upload the content which will be automatically posted on the dates selected

Is this Instagram Scheduling legit?

The short answer to this is NO, obviously it’s against Instagram’s terms and conditions and their policy.

For those who would wish to dwell philosophically on the issue, it is about as legitimate as driving 101km/h on a road with a 100km/h speed limit.

Technically it’s against the rules, but in reality everyone is doing it. From a moral perspective it is ok if it is not causing harm.

The reasons why platforms implement controls and policies is to protect their profitability and business, not yours or anyone else’s. In general their policies & terms of service are aimed at minimizing spammers and scammers who are creating thousands and thousands of robot accounts.

And every day we all witness the continuing inability to deal with this issue, and the indifference of the platform to you and your business only becomes abundantly clear when you have a client account which is hacked.

Instagram Scheduling saves TIME


The most important resource we have is time.

Time should really be invested in creating content and managing strategy.

Scheduling and posting should be the least of our concerns, most social media platforms respect this fact by allowing the use of scheduling both natively within the platform and through the use of third party platforms such as HOOTSUITE, this allows agencies and individuals to concentrate on what they do best!

Use Instagram Scheduling to implement integrated Digital Campaigns


Structuring a digital campaign months ahead of time, you can use a tool like Instagram Scheduling to  integrate all social media channels into the campaign in a fire & forget approach.

Schedule direct messages to influencers, story posts, photo & video posts all ahead of time and use the time during the campaign to focus on organic posts and interactions & engagement.

Digital Marketing Content Agency in Dubai Digital Marketing Agency in Dubai

What is the Instagram Scheduling platform you recommend?

Digital Marketing Content Agency in Dubai Digital Marketing Agency in Dubai

We recommend using Onlypult, for the simple reason that we have worked with it for over 2 years now and have come to recommend it to all of our clients, friends and partners. It does everything it says it does and the team behind the platform is always within easy reach via live chat or email.

How much will Instagram Scheduling cost?

Well Onlypult gives you a few Instagram Scheduling options, the most cost effective Instagram scheduling is to get an annual plan, at which the rates work out as follows:


  • $10.50Month
    • 3 Instagram accounts
    • 1 manager
    • 10 favourite accounts for reposting
    • unlimited posting
    • analytics
    • direct
    • stories

most popular
  • SMM

  • $17.50Month
    • 7 Instagram accounts
    • 2 managers
    • 15 favourite
    • unlimited posting
    • analytics
    • direct
    • stories


  • $34.30Month
    • 20 Instagram accounts
    • 3 managers
    • 20 favourite accounts for reposting
    • unlimited posting
    • analytics
    • direct
    • stories

  • PRO

  • $55.30Month
    • 40 Instagram accounts
    • 5 managers
    • 30 favourite accounts for reposting
    • unlimited posting
    • analytics
    • direct
    • stories