If you’re lost in the sales/marketing software purchases sea, Automately is here to help


Too much of a good thing

Enterprise software including Customer Relation Management Software (CRM), is the bread and butter for most B2B companies who rely on similar options to close sales and subsequently make money for the business. The issues with most things that are similarly as pivotal for businesses though, is the saturation of options meeting different expectations and business needs which require hours of research to determine which is right.

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Automately though, was created to make sense of all the options, save you $40,000 in consultation, and time to help businesses choose the best software possible.

The Way it Works

Automately “helps teams find and evaluate sales and marketing tools to offload their low-value tasks and focus on the work that matters,” using a specialized framework. At the beginning of this framework is the assessment of business needs and processes from over 20 data points like: predictive scoring, email automation, call management, content enablement etc.

Then, Automately identifies the different product options, evaluates vendor reviews, designs a specific implementation plan and helps transition and embed the plan design into your current operation.

Trusting Automately to assess and choose the right software is helpful for business in three ways. First, it saves valuable time from being wasted on software research. More time, means more time to sale, which should result in higher sales. Secondly, Automately offers an edge of expertise with its over 20 data points and human input. Finally, the price point for such help is unbeatable with a free option for anyone who is curious. There is a premium version to provide extra support, but the free should be fine for simpler companies.

Who’s It For?

Founders and Execs who are short on time, Sales Leaders with obsessed with efficiency, and Marketing Leaders who want to increase campaign returns are Automately’s target markets according to their site.

But, even if you don’t fit into those particular categories Automately can still help improve a business model and sales processes: especially for free.



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