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Website Development


A website is your shop window to the world, it should aim to achieve tangible objectives that fit in with your business goals. What are the conversions that you are attempting to elicit from the traffic visiting your site, the nature of these conversions would depend on the website you have, whether it is an e-commerce site, an informative website or a vehicle to generate leads.

Lets Talk about how we can help you:

What can we help you with?

Our Web Design Work Flow


the most important part of the process is where your requirements are mapped

Requirement Analysis of client's goals, target audience, feature requirements which is based on elements such as management information systems, CRM systems, stock control or any other functionality

Project Charter

Establishes a summary of all the information and requirements that will be agreed with a detailed technical outline of the framework of the website.

Site Map

The site map is the structure of the website, including links, cross-links, hierarchy of page organization and keyword strategy for each page.

Software and Resource Requirement

Third Party Media, Additional Software, Custom Modules and any other resources and software are identified at this stage

Wireframe Design

A wireframe of your website maps the modules that will be responsible for each of the elements of the site, this includes analytics, data management, user profiles, e-commerce among others.


A development framework is coded and a content management system is implemented, the framework is uploaded to a test-server for client-interaction and sandbox testing to ensure full functionality of key features on all platforms and browsers.


Polishing of the website is undertaken before the transfer to the client's server, prior to activation we run the website through a battery of intensive tests including final diagnostics with all of our assets and tools, this will include checking for broken links, health checks, SEO scans, PageSpeed audits and technical audits.


Handing over is an integral part of empowering our clients to take ownership of their digital presence, although the majority of our clients retain our services to manage their websites, we ensure that at this stage our client's admin rights and ownership of the websites and ALL related accounts means that this is entirely optional!