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digital strategy

Digital Strategy

A unified strategy is vital to present a coherent message

Social Media has made a huge impact on the business landscape, suddenly the goal posts moved and a huge paradigm shift in consumer behaviour caught a lot of businesses wrong footed. The scope and magnitude of this change dawned on some businesses very late, but it has changed the way consumers think of businesses and brands and is an opportunity to build real brand loyalty.

Analytics and big data has made consumer sentiment and behaviour easier to predict, detailed profiling allows businesses an unprecedented degree of business intelligence. Online reputation management has become increasingly important, this has direct implications on business processes and the way in which consumers are dealt with in real world interactions.

A website is your online shop window, shouldn't it represent the best image of your organization?
Social Media
You are either with it or dead in the water, the shift towards digital is inexorable, take every advantage you can!
Recommendation engine? Up-Sell Opportunities, Cart Abandonment, Checkout Journeys.. Welcome to a new world of SALES
What is your keyword strategy? How is your blog helping you achieve greater SEO, dwell time and average visit durations? What KPIs are you measuring by?
Digital Marketing
Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Youtube Ads, Google Ads, what is the best platform to get your message across?
Search Engine Optimization
Optimizing your website content to rank effectively is key, so is effective link building and targeting high-authority sites.
Engagement Strategy
Whether it is influencer engagement or follower engagement, how is your brand connecting with people?
Email Marketing
Collecting data and using it effectively, building databases and emailing them is one aspect of effective data management.

Content strategy should centre around the objective of eliciting engagement, interactivity has rendered traditional advertising, like flyers or product images, obsolete and ineffective. Engaging consumer aspiration generates the greatest degree of success, particularly with organic content that does not feel artificial or commercial in nature.

Great content is the engine that drives engagement and traffic, Search Engine Optimization is the key to ensuring that traffic starts to come in organically (ie. at no cost) and generating revenue, Analytics & Reporting is the key to understanding the way that your visitors/customers behave while on your website, which products they are interested in, how you can maximize revenue and get the most return on your investment.

A great article on the importance of Digital Strategy, “If you don’t have a digital strategy then you do not have a strategy at all” sums up all the reasons why a digital strategy is so important for any business or organization. Let’s talk about how we can help you with your digital strategy today!

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