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App annihilates spam calls to keep you safe and private

App annihilates spam calls to keep you safe and private


Robocalls are not just annoying but unsafe

No one likes to be pestered by unsolicited telemarketing calls and robocalls. But in the age of smartphones, where a lot of data and personal information are associated with our phone numbers, these spam calls are becoming more than just a nuisance – they are a major security concern.

Hackers can now use telemarketing calls to steal your identity or open a credit card in your name.

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Competition to block robocalls

That’s why it’s more important than ever to tackle the problem of spam calling. The Federal Trade Commission recently awarded cash prizes in its Robocall Challenge, a competition designed to inspire innovative technologies for blocking robocalls.

The winner of the challenge was startup Nomorobo, whose app blocks spam calls by cross-referencing numbers with a massive database of telemarketers and robocallers collected from users, from the FTC, and from Nomorobo’s own “honeypots” – virtual traps used to lure in spam callers.

Combine Nomorobo with Burner

Right now, the best way to get Nomorobo for your phone is to download the Burner app. Burner is an app that you can use to create extra phone numbers so that your personal number remains private and reserved for friends and family.

People are already using Burner to create decoy phone numbers for online dating, buying and selling on Craigslist, to keep business and personal calls separate, and to divert telemarketers. You can “burn” your Burner phone number at any time. The number goes out of service and all of the data is erased from your phone.

A phenomenal safeguard

Now, by partnering with Nomorobo, Burner has become an even more effective tool for keeping your personal phone number protected from hackers and spammers. Spam calls are automatically blocked so you won’t have to screen them yourself. Unwanted calls are then placed in a “filtered” folder, so that if the app makes a mistake, you can still whitelist a number on the filtered list.

Keeping your personal phone number private is crucial. Burner, now with Nomorobo, seems like a great safeguard against hackers, telemarketers, and other unwanted calls.



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