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Natasha Maw

Senior Account Manager

Natasha grew up in Dubai before moving to the UK to study Biological Sciences at the University of Bristol. She has always had a passion for all things nerdy, science and nature, so after graduating she spent 3 years between the UK, Madagascar and Nepal working on various exciting research and conservation projects.
To support her travels, Natasha took up Falconry and helped set up a new centre in Oxford where she enjoyed delivering exciting and informative Bird of Prey displays to hundreds of visitors on a weekly basis. As well as this, to fulfil her constant need for learning, she studied Aviculture and spent some time working at a top level Falcon Breeding Facility in Wales.
After some time Natasha came to the realisation that she valued her time with nature much more when it was her hobby and not her work. In 2014 she decided to move back to Dubai, taking the skills she had acquired from a variety of unusual roles, and jumped headfirst into the corporate scene.
She began working for a large multinational Insurance Brokerage (JLT Insure Direct) where she was able to learn about a wide variety of different industries across the UAE. As an avid fitness enthusiast, she also worked part-time for a small start-up company (Noviplus), focused on health and fitness, to help specifically with marketing partner brands and Business Development.
It was here that she found her calling; to be able to combine creativity with business and use this to help people, was a truly rewarding experience like no other. Outside of work, Natasha still gets her wildlife fix through scuba diving, mountain biking and travel – she is a big fan of adventure and the outdoors!


Natasha Maw

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