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Kisaiya – Active Wear & Yoga

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Kisaiya – Active Wear & Yoga

Kisaiya Ladies Gym Wear


Gym Clothes and especially Yoga Clothes can be a difficult thing to shop for, there are so many brands out there who do not really capture the essence of Yoga, the spiritual side of it is often foregone in order to focus on the more material.


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Yoga Clothes for Women

One particular brand that we have had our eye on is Kisaiya, an up and coming fashion label based in the trendy Shoreditch area of London’s east end. With an amazing range of yoga clothes including long sleeved shirts and yoga clothes for women, long sleeve t shirts, crop tops, yoga pants for men, yoga pants for women and black and white striped long sleeve t shirts.

When shopping for Yoga Clothes it is important to focus on quality, check out this awesome video:


How to choose Yoga Pants?

hat are the best pair of yoga pants? If you’ve ever found yourself deeply contemplating this question during your Final Savasana, wonder no more! We put nine of the most popular and highest rated models through our side-by-side comparison testing process. We stretched and sweated in these different pairs for months, noting how well they moved and ventilated our body heat. We wore them to heated classes, vigorous Vinyasa classes, gentle Yin classes and even wore them all around the house, because let’s face it, we love to live in yoga pants. Then we rated the different models on their Breathability, Ease of Movement, Comfort & Fit, Durability and even Style. Keep reading below to see how the different pairs fared in our tests and to figure out which model is the right one for you, whether you’re a seasoned Yogi or a novice to the practice. Continue reading this amazing article to find out more about choosing the BEST yoga pants for you!

And Keep watching this space because there are some great photo & video shoots with #KISAIYA coming!